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Stardate: 50871


Current Assignment:

Federation-Cardassian Border


Welcome aboard the USS Raven, a Star Trek and Science Fiction Online Community, for fans, by fans. Our members enjoy ‘Trek and Science Fiction in numerous ways, from watching films, enjoying various television series, reading books, costuming, attending conventions, and much, much more. Our fictional 'home' is a Sabre Class Star Trek starship the USS Raven, build in 2373.


Following in the spirit of Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, many of our members also actively raise money for charity or are also engaged in life changing community projects which make a difference to our society.


The USS Raven prides itself it being a home for those who wish to explore their fandom in many and any diverse ways, and most of all, just have fun all together; for we passionately believe that every member brings a range of special abilities and interests to our group, and so our primary mission will always remain to recognise and celebrate the value of each individual contribution to explore their fandom in their own distinct way.


The USS Raven will always be completely free to join and enjoy. Many of our members are also proud members of Starfleet International and we are proud to be an officially commissioned chapter of that organisation. Please support our cause if you can, it costs less than 50p per month.


Our motto, "Aut viam inveniam aut faciam" has been attributed to Hannibal, the terror of the Romans, and expresses our belief that even through adversity, we will always enjoy just  who we are.  


Sign up, and enjoy our site. Don’t forget to visit our facebook community page as well and say hello to fully join in with our community activities if you would like to; visit the join page for more details.

Live Long, But Live Well !

Brigadier Spracklen, CO USS Raven