The History of the 399th Marine Strike Group

Unit: 399th Marine Strike Group

Nickname: ‘Corvus Bellatorum’ (Raven Warriors)

Motto: “Aper Primus Hastis” (First Spears of the Boar)

OIC: SSGT Jim Middleton      |      DOIC: LTJG Zach Flott


Unit History (Real Life!)

The 399th MSG has a proud tradition in the 20th Brigade as its longest running marine unit, initially created in 2010 under the command of SMAJ Marie ‘M’ Smith as a Special Operations Unit the 399th ‘Night Furies’ serving aboard the USS Isaac NCC 71808.


Under SMAJ Smith leadership, the 399th soon became one of the most active marine units with the Brigade.


During August 2013, the USS Isaac and the 399th ‘Night Furies’ moved to the 11th Brigade and has now been renumbered the 376th where it continued to serve with distinction under the command of SMAJ Smith.


Jamie Spracklen, previous DOIC of the 399th ‘Night Furies’ since 2011, wished to remain part of the 20th Brigade and also wanted to continue the proud traditions of the 399th, so he reorganised the Unit as the 20th Brigade’s first Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) during September 2013 – to serve as a unit for any chapter unassigned marines. It was at this time that the name of the Unit was changed to Corvus Bellatorum (Raven Warriors) and became a Infantry Unit.


At the beginning of 2016, the 399th MEU at the invitation of the Captain of the USS Hyperion NX- 74917, Jason Garrett, was attached to this chapter, and reverted once more to a Marine Strike Group and served in support of this chapter until December 2016 when the sad decommissioning of the USS Hyperion prompted the 399th MSG current attachment to the USS Raven NCC-61973