Thank you for visiting us, and welcome aboard the USS Raven, a Star Trek  and SF club based in the United Kingdom, run by fans, for fans! We would love you to join us and be part of our exciting and fun journey amongst the stars.


Associate Membership

But to get to our destination, we need YOUR help! The good news is that you can join the USS Raven with just a few clicks and start enjoying all types of trek and science fiction fandom, completely for free. All you need to do first is follow these four easy steps.


  1. To join the crew of the USS Raven, click 'login/signup' above and enter your email and a password. When you click 'Go' you should see a confirmation message. You will need to wait for a confirmation email from us before you can login to some areas of this site.

  2. Once we receive your request, you will be notified by email of your acceptance to the site and will have full access to this website. In order to access our crew forum please visit this external site and register for our forum as well.

  3. Once your application has been received, you have the option of being listed on our crew roster if you would like to be - simply post on the forum requesting formal enlistment or contact the Ship's CO and you will be promoted to the rank of Crewman Recruit and listed on our roster.

  4. Pop along to our forum pages and post a hello, and a little about yourself for another promotion to Crewman Apprentice!


Full Membership

The USS Raven command team are proud members of the largest Star Trek club in the world, STARFLEET International . Joining STARFLEET costs less than 50p per month and enables you to enjoy a wide range of additional membership perks. If you join STARFLEET and choose also to enlist with the USS Raven you will also receive FREE the following:


  • Promotion grades above Crewman Apprentice.  Enlisted Ranks start at Crewman (SFI) or for Officers, Ensign (SFI).

  • A Promotional USS Raven ‘goody bag’ welcome pack of Raven Patch, Members Handbook and Raven Pin Badge.

  • Access to the USS Raven’s Officer Training Programme and Away Team Missions.

  • A pre-approved invitation to apply for any available official command/operations/medical duty role within the USS Raven leadership team!

  • Full voting rights on how to develop the USS Raven.

  • The chance to be awarded our range of chapter specific awards.


For more details on joining the USS Raven, please visit our forum or email the CO

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