USS Raven

Sabre Class Starship


Affiliation: Federation

Type: Light Cruiser

Commissioned: 2373



Length: 160 meters

Width: 111.8 meters

Height: 62.6 meters



Decks: 6

Crew: 40 (200 evac limit)

Speed: Warp 9.7 for 12 hours



4 Type-X Phaser Arrays,

2 Photon Torpedo Launchers



Deflector Shields


Auxiliary craft

Two Type 9 Shuttlecraft

Shuttle 1 Mithras

Shuttle 2: Bellatrix

The USS Raven is a Sabre Class Federation Starship, commissioned in 2373. Designated as a Light Cruiser, it carries a small crew complement of 40, but is well armed and suitable for a number of functions.


Production of the Sabre Class Federation Starships had begun in 2370 to replace recent loses to the Borg. The USS Raven was originally agreed for production to support the Klingon-Federation War, although it was still being constructed by the time the end came to this brief conflict was concluded.


Star Trek Timeline of the USS Raven



Stardates 50697-50734

The USS Raven officially launched from the shipyards at Starbase 1, Sol System, under the command of the Andorian Captain Tiri zh’Sarin.


Stardates 50735-50775

After the initial crew orientation and system checks are completed, the USS Raven is assigned for their shakedown cruise to Alpha Centuri, which they complete without incident.Upon arriving at Alpha Centuri however, Captain zh’Sarin is directed to Barzan II almost imminently to provide disaster relief to the resource improvised Barzans. Working double shifts over a period of five days, the crew of the ‘Raven scan and pinpoint disaster victims and successfully transport them from danger zones.


Stardate 50893

The USS Raven participates in its first major battle contributing some substantial damage to the Borg Cube threatening Earth during the Battle of Sector 001. Heavily damaged during the fight, the USS Raven’s crew is ordered to evacuate by Captain zh’Sarin as the ship is on the point of destruction, the Captain bravely is able to save the ship, but dies from wounds received.



Stardate 51027

Following a major refit and repair programme, the USS Raven is placed back into active service, under the new command of Aurelia Raske, and includes a SFMC squad. The Raven is ordered to make full speed to the frontline of the Dominion war.


Stardate TBC

The USS Raven participates in Operation Return, and was among the first ships to break through the Dominion lines.


Stardate TBC

The USS Raven participated in the First Battle of Chin’toka, and helps destroy the orbital weapon platforms once they had been deactivated.



Stardate TBC

Shortly after the Second Battle of Chin’toka; the USS Raven assists in the rescue of Federation crew who have escaped from the battle in escape pods. The USS Raven then provides protection whilst the federation retrieve the damaged vessels from the battle.